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  1. Hi Team, Has anyone managed to use a FGX XR6 turbo sprint tune on a Mk2 FG XR6 turbo (HAEK4MF.HEX / BBMF)? I have performed this but noticed the car wouldnt idel or run well; i did a compare and utilzed the fuel tables, injector scalers, speed density from the FG HAEK4MF strategy. Got the car to run and obsreve AFR's on boost the car AFRS are floating arond 13's. saying this i would assume I did a compare between HAER1UB & HAEK4MF noticed injector scalars are the same? Does FGX Sprint has diffrent injectors and turbo to a FG Mk2 Xr6 Turbo? What i also noticed was, if i just use the trans ER2G-7J105-EB.tec (SPRINT TCM) and only flash the TCM, with the stock Mk2 FG turbo HAEK4MF comes up with a tran fault and car stays stuck in 1st gear on the ZF transmission. Thus saying i assume it will requrie the correct O.S. HAER1UB for it to run correctly. One this i noticed is when i follow the process, the strategy still reflects HAEK4MF rather than being named as HAER1UB. Is this because of the liceninsing of the OS and VIN of the car? I hope i make sense here. thanks
  2. Hi Roland, thanks for youe help; (Pardon the late reply) I did the same process as outlined within this guide for the Territory Ghia Turbo SY 2006 with utilzing the same process for an F6X and it all worked well besides a few changes needed as the car wouldnt start (Drive By Wire). Thanks for your help
  3. thanks, finnigan, i do have a Wide Band, but looking at the values between both calibration, the BF Cobra runs a slightly leaner tune. yes the PcmTec is a parameter beast compared to other offshore's (SCT,HPtuners)
  4. So I have did this utilizing the BF Cobra 302KW instead of FG GT, choose a few parameters. Spark, fuel, VCT. Noticed some improvements without a Dyno.
  5. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has utilized a strategy’s data from a different year and build type car and retro copied to the early build type of car? Example BA Mk2 & FG MK1 A FG 2008 GTP JULY 2008 with a 5.4 B8MG Tear Tag (strategy HAFDFM2). I believe they are 315 KW cars. The BA MK2 GTP 5.4 model support 290 KW. The obvious improvement is due to the twin throttle bodies to assist low-end torque and I would assume a redefined calibration & strategy? My intentions are to perform a compare, review the values and import them into the BA MK2 GTP 5.4 with strategy HABNCM3. Has anyone performed such tasks and did see performance improvements? Regards, ABS
  6. thanks Rolls, i may just upgrade to workshop,. Just need to get the hang of the software more.
  7. Can someone please confirm the following year tag is the FG GT. HAFDDS7 / B8SF 5.4L FG 2008 Manual
  8. Hi team, I hope this request is within the correct location to ensure PCMtec knowledge is centralized based on the subject. Can we please get further clarity on the following box's a high level description on their usage or feature? ( I have a understanding, but would like to ensure its in line with PCMTEC support). what would happen if they are ticked or not ticked when reading or writing to the PCM/TCM.
  9. would this method work also for the F6X? I have a Territory Ghia Turbo SY 2006. I would possible start of with the TCM
  10. Hello PCMTECH team, Would there be in future tuning tips which are video based like HALTEC & MOTEC which are seen on youtube, in the past I do find such infromation informative and provide more exposure? I noticed its early stages and PCMTech is still maturing its stance in the tuner field. I do see stuff with HPtuner, but i would some what assume this is due to the US market vertical. Is this something that will be of thought in future? regards Abs
  11. Pardon i should have been more detailed, FG MK2 GTF 351 KW 2014 model 5ltr Super charged - with ZF automatic
  12. Hello All, Does anyone have a tear tag ID for a GTF PCM running a ZF?
  13. Thanks team for your valuable input, I will give all of the above a try.
  14. Just realized the compare utility with another tec file. Great feature. Just need the F6 Tec file I would assume to perform a comparison.
  15. Thanks for your valuable input, I would look at doing this as a comparison between XR6 turbo and F6. I would somewhat believe their compression are slightly different and this would alter their overall timing values. Irrespective, I will look at this regardless. Within the enthusiast mode, does it all to perform strategy comparisons? how can i get the TEC file for HAEDJG4 / B8GJ 4.0L FG F6 2008 Automatic is this possible? In regards to the such variables which need to be reviewed can you kindly share the tables which I would need to look at? (AUFXXX) In the past all my cars have been road tuned; and safe to say nothing blew up too..lol rotors, v8's turbo'd 4 ECU's was haltech & Microtech and jetting carbys... with a wide band. I may invest in a knock control system to assist with detonation shortly. I would like to get back into the swing of things, but the ford late gen ECU's different all together. Before i started, i took a back up of the original factory settings to allow me to revert back to stock if need be. Would this assumption be correct? many thanks
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