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conversion - speed vs dash speed


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i am troubleshooting on the r31 again..so bf 2 na motor, canbarra, zf in a r31.

ive been playing with the rotations per mile to get the pcm data logged speed to match the gps speed, and i have got there...but the dash speed seemingly does whatever it wants


does the dash get its speed from somewhere else?

does the dash have its own speed limiter? when i hit 180 on the dash it beeps and i get speed cut. (180 on dash usually around 110 normal kmhr).


any help on where i should start looking would be greatly appreciated.







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I dont know if this is of any use to anyone else.


Pcm speed loddged via pcmtech was changeable playing with the tyresize/mile figgures.


Dash speed and speed lodged via obd2 (forscan) was different and unaffected by the other settings (tyre size).

This is the speed source the speed cut uses.. supposing its ABS speed out. Playing with the abs to pulse modifier in pcmtec made no difference.


As my canbarra emulates my ABS, nigel coded me up a way to change the pulse/speed out setting on the canbarra so i could change it untill it was right.


So doing this i got my speed readings matching and correct.

I cant recommend nigel enough, his support is absolutely top notch.





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