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Enthusiast or Professional?


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I have a BF XR8 and a Turbo Territory which I want to play with.  For now I was going to flash a F6X tune into the Territory and have a look at the XR8 maps. I might change injectors at some stage on the TT but not much more than that. 

They are both ZF6 auto and while I wasn't going to tune the gearboxes at this stage was wondering if there is any other advantage to going professional instead of enthusiast plus a second licence? TIA!

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Before you go flashing an F6X tune into your Territory, check out the "HOWTO: ABS Re-programming". There's a lot of useful information there and some specific to the Territory & the different ABS systems that will likely change your mind about flashing the F6X tune in. You would be better off comparing the F6X calibration with yours & copying over relevant differences.

If you think you'll want to tune the ZF, get the professional version or you'll wish you had later on. Have a look at the pricing, the professional version will show you what you get on top of the enthusiast version.

If you've downloaded the Demo version, have a play around with it. Switch between Enthusiast & Professional to see what/where differences there are.

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9 hours ago, BarraTuna said:

Pro way to go !


I am about to buy pro to fix up some bugs a tuner left behind and have a feeling the tune is locked!!!!!

Is there a way to check before buying?




You could contact the tuner & ask. The only other option is to read the tune.

Here's your options if it's tuner locked


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Hi Andy8,

I got professional, and id recommend the same for you. You get more credits for the 2nd car so not really much more anyway and professional means you can create stock tunes from catch codes, so you can make a stock F6X tunes and do the comparison. Ive also learnt alot from looking at stock xr6 sprint, and F6.

I have done F6X compare and made all the same changes to my turbo territory.  I also copied over some gearbox changes.  The improvements are incredible, I dont know that the gearbox changes are so important,  but with professional you have the option.

Ive since had a few other forum member share their tunes which is incredible for learning, but seeing what is different in the FPV tunes is an easy way to get a big improvement without removing any of the factory fail safes.

The tuning capability of pcmtec on the turbo barra is incredible. My other car is a windsor 5.0 powered capri which im tuning with a j3 chip and a few mods, but dispite double the weight, the territory might be quicker once i fit the bigger injectors and fuel pump.  It is a fun family bus!


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