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Turbo Logic fuction


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5 hours ago, john.z said:

starting to tune my TT FG XR8, going through the parameters to change. I've been told to enable Turbo Logic but i want to understand why? what does it achieve?

Turning on turbo logic scales the factory turbo TMAP sensor

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15 hours ago, john.z said:

Yeah I got that, but is there anything else? 

Enables wastegate control, enables the boost input sensor, closed loop boost control and turns all the associated over/under boost logic and fault codes on. 

If you have a boost sensor and boost controller it's a must for it to operate properly. 

If your pcm is not a turbo pcm and lacks the boost output it's cheaper to replace the pcm than to buy an eboost and tach adapter. 


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On 10/4/2021 at 12:15 PM, john.z said:

So what should I be doing in my case with a non turbo ECU, no boost controller and no boost sensor? Do I turn it on and not worry about them or do I leave it off and just enter the tmap values in manually? 

Just an FYI if you do this, the equation for NA offset is inverted vs the turbo equation.

So if you copy the turbo values to the NA values, you need to invert the offset. Eg as follows.


Why Ford did this I have no idea as it makes no sense, it looks like a programmer changed the sign for some reason by mistake.

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