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Calling on the VIC brethren. E85 content lately sub par, or is it just my gauge


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Hey all.

Last 3 fills at different Uniteds (Yarragon, Traralgon & Hallam) I've noticed my sensor not displaying 85 anymore like it used when I last used e85 about 6 months ago. Anyone else noticed this? Or should I look at what's involved to re-calibrate my sensor?

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E85 sold in Australia does not have to be 85% ethanol, it can actually be in the range of 70%-85%. If you are filling up at the servo it is going to be very hit and and miss - both with regards to ethanol percent and fuel quality especially at the one that sells E85. I would invest in a means to detect water in your fuel as well - with petrol, water will not mix and will sit at the bottom of a tank, but water will mix with ethanol. With E85 the water can form an azeotrope and become "mixed" in a sense. Maybe consider buying by the 205 L drum from a racing fuels place? They should be able to guarantee quality and content.



Race Blend E85 - United Petroleum

SDS - (6130B96D-3CFC-4458-A838-CDB4752FFEF5)Safey Data Sheet LQ2ZX00 AU EN (unitedpetroleum.com.au)

"The autogas fuel standard describes liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) suitable for motor vehicles. Petrol sold in Australia may contain up to 10 per cent ethanol (‘E10’). The Ethanol E85 fuel standard describes a fuel blend consisting of 70–85 per cent ethanol and 15–30 per cent petrol"

Regulating Australian fuel quality | Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources


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In SA it is E83-E85 100% of the time I've filled up in the last 3 years via United.

You can measure how much water it absorbs as well, eg one car had it sitting for 6 months and the E content went from E83 to E89. Probably not much water as the dielectric constant of water is something like 1000 vs 18 for ethanol, but it definitely absorbed some to raise it.

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