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Hey fellas i was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction. My fg ute has 3.73 diff gears behind the 5 speed auto for now, ive changed all the axles ratios and got my speedo spot on again, but under WOT its still hitting limiter no slip or flair yet lol just doesnt shift in time. i was told the 5 speed utes read speed from trans instead of rear abs sensors, so im unsure what i should be looking at in the trans shift points is it speed or rpm ? what should i be adjusting. any helps greatly  appreciated

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Sure, I would.

I only suggested it to avoid hitting the limiter in auto mode, not to use more rpm in day to day use.

When you're flooring it you should be shifting manually and with practice you won't hit the limiter.

Hitting the limiter is asking for an oil pump failure so take care to avoid it where possible.

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16 hours ago, iitzHarro said:

cheers mate should i also bump fuel cut up 200 rpm ? sometimes it hits hard enough to fall on its face and id assume thats probably really bad for it lol

personally i prefer to let it hit fuel cut, so i set fuel cut at the desired cut and the rev limiter higher than FC.


i had a BA ute with a btr and extractors, 3.7 diff etc etc and when id floor it it would bump redline....i simply lowerd the shift points at wide open till it worked... 

similar thing happens with the teritory and ZF, but you can just make it shift faster

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i tried the rev limit things its still bumping redline haha i found some WOT shift points at sea level and they are all set to 6k rpm might try reducing them 500rpm see if that helps. is sports mode tow/haul mode ? cheers for the help fellas its greatly appreciated also im mainly trying to fix it so when the misso drives it she doesnt bounce it of redline lol 

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Changing the shift points is what you should be doing but usually a rev limit change by a few hundred rpm does the trick.

A quick and easy way to change the shift points is to go through all the shift maps except 27, and change the whole map by a percentage. It's not the perfect way of doing it but it'll give you an idea of what the box is going to do. You'll find this stuff in "ZF Shift \Lock Schedule"

Edit: That's where it is in the zf6 file, I haven't looked at the 5 speed file to confirm.

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