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Ba Xr6 turbo stalls at times.


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Hi guys from PCMTEC, I recently bought a BA Xr6 turbo with a BTR, since I bought it I have had problems with the car stalling, it can happen at any condition but mostly as slower speeds, it will simply turn off the engine, at some times it will just stop accelerating, I can step on the throttle and nothing will happen, but sometimes it will come back again, but at other times I won't be able to bring the revs up and it stall and stop completely. At times just after it has stalled I will not be able to crank the engine, it will take a few attempts until the engine cranks and it starts over. I have access to ford IDS system and when I connect the car I get a different VIN number than what my car have and I can see that the bolts on the PCM have been cut, so the PCM has been changed at some stage. I have already replaced the o2 sensor, the crank angle sensor with no success at all. Someone told me that solenoid S7 in the trans could be faulty which controls the torque converter clutch, making it engage at random situations, what would explain the stalling and the no cranking. So I replaced the transmission, this made the car run fine for a week, but today it stalled again however I was able to crank it straight away. Please if someone have idea or information about this I would highly appreciate any help.

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Sounds like one you really need to take to a workshop as you may have mechanical issues that need diagnosing. Start with the basics like a service for plugs, fuel filter, check fuel pressure. Check for collapsed cat. Do a smoke pressure test on the intake to look for air leaks. Check for exhaust gasket leaks etc.

Once all the mechanical stuff is verified, then start datalogging when it stalls, check for DTC codes, check what the cam timing and ignition timing is doing when this happens.

Cam desired angle error all over the place then you likely have a VCT or oil supply issue.

Ignition timing very low eg 0 deg and you most likely have an air leak.

Look at LTFTs (if they are large, you likely have an injector or fueling issues or possibly a large exhaust gasket leak). This assumes the car isn't tuned, if its tuned then it might just be a tuning issue.

Look at idle airflow adders (if its large, your throttle body is probably gummed up, if its negative you likely have an intake gasket leak).

The problem should be come obvious if you tackle it in this manner. If you randomly replace parts you may never resolve it and you might spend a lot of money and time trying.

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I had a similar issue with a failing TPS.

Checked out fine with the multimeter if you opened it slowly. Fast movements would make it go open circuit, including backing off the throttle, which confused the computer and would then keep the convertor clutch locked, even if I was pulling up to a stop sign, unless I blipped the throttle just before coming to a stop, to make the computer unlock the convertor clutch.

Otherwise, I would check the earth point between the engine and battery, clean and or replace the fuel filter, and check for fuel pressure output to see if some of the issues are being caused by a failing fuel pump.

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