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Swapping 6R80 into Turbo Falcon


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I thought I'd also make this thread, similar to the one I just created but for the 6R80 transmission.

I was wondering if it would be possible to swap a Ford 6R80 into a Falcon.

The TCM would need to be swapped over from the current ZF to the new 6R80.

Would swapping the TCM even be possible?

Are the bell housings different? Are the torque converters different?

Thanks, Dylan.

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Definately interested to follow this one. There is alot of tuning info for the 6r80 in the U.S. forums and seems easier tune with what HP have made available. A can bus translater would be the go. Roland would know what is broadcast and tazzi from envoyous customs could develop a commercial marketable version of the translator box. Money and if the IP can be released are the road block for that option. 

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There is no point in swapping in a 6r80 int a falcon. There are only a handful of differences between the 6r80 and the ZF 6HP26 already in BF onwards.  All of these can be incorporated into a ZF6HP26 and that would be many many times easier than adapting bellhousings and electronics to make the 6r80 work. 

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