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Adjust Closed Loop Target??


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Hey Guys

Did a quick search to see if there was any info for this.. 

Toying around with the old VN Commo's Delco using Kalmaker hardware/software years ago, there was a function that under cruise conditions it would taper in a closed loop target of over 1.1 lambda in a 10-20second period once certain metrics were met for fuel usage improvements.

I'm sure Nox numbers would have been through the roof but anyway.. Love the 90's 

Is there any parameter that lets closed loop target be adjusted on the falcons? 

  Cheers Rob

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I haven't really played with them much. I did change something years ago in hp tuners but it was so long ago I can't remember what happened.

It should be fairly easy to tune in the driveway. Once it's warmed up, it'll speed things up while tuning to send it into closed loop after 5 seconds, so you're not waiting around for it each time you reflash.

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