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ZF shift diagnostic


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the zf in the terry has started playing up recently. it seems to forget to shift up.

i attempted a cold read the other day and pcmtec had a corruption error, but when it was warm the config was read.

i returned it mostly to stock and toped up the fluid level as it was a small amount low.


it seems to be fine, but as per most cases under load it will forget to shift into 5th. babying it it will go into 5/6th fine.

strangely enough if you humming along and it decides to stay in 4th, it will seemingly stay there forever... unless you change shift mode or hit cruse control - then it wakes up and shifts.



if there an easy way to data log the solenoids and if they need replacement? i have planned to do the seals and change fluid in the near future. but wandered if there was an easy in car way to check them.

also is the cold read corruption anything to worry about, i have a spare mechatronic i can use if that's an issue.





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2 hours ago, hjtrbo said:

Not fun. 

Any fault codes?

Adapt values? 

Cold flash failure is a massive red flag. Certainly nothing to lose by swapping the mech unit. How long had it been since the solenoid and seals were changed?

checked codes before the work drive this morning

TCM - u0100-ff - lost comunication with the PCM

ABS - U2501-20 


i ceared them then on the drive did a few spirited hits and nothing came back - but it was still not shifting into 4-5-6 on high load. not going into 4th may be new

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On 11/10/2022 at 10:43 PM, hjtrbo said:

E clutch is high. How did you go with the DTCs? Anything come back?

ive only really put about 150 km on it since i cleared it.

i know the other day on the freeway it was doing the 4/5/6th gear hold on me (just switch from D to S back to D and it works it life out)

no DTC's at the servo on the way home tonight, so I gave it a hurting the rest of the way home and nothing else came up.

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