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Torque management issues


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Hey guys, 

Having an issue with car hoping someone may be able to help with. 

When you stall it up at track then let off the brake it is shutting the throttle even though I am 100% input, how can I get rid of this, or get around it?

Will only do it at the track, if I try on road it just wheelspins and there is no issue. 

Cars FG gas ute, converted to turbo, NA loom and ecu, manual tune, pcm tec tuned 

I have attached old HP tuners datalog. Problem occurs at between 1:40 and 1:47 in datalog file, thats when it is stalling up, then let off brake and it repeatedly shuts throttle, changes spark and torque source rapidly while this is happening. 

Help please!

hpr ford nationals fg ute.hpl

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Change auF0265 ETC Clip Torque (Requestor)/Transmission torque truncation to 1000, change auF0264 ETC Torque Reduction RPM limit (Requestor)/Transmission torque truncation to something higher than the RPM you want it to stall up to, eg: 6000.

This info is on the hp tuners forum and has been for many years.

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