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Has my o2 sensor died ?


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Hi all , I think my o2 sensor has died . Ok so below is two data logs one down earlier this year and one just done now . 

So the one done earlier this year , at idle is logging as it should near 1 lambda . 

Now logged it tonight and the final lambda at idle is .81 !! But it’s showing 14.2 to 15.2 on the af gauge . It’s hard to start when it’s hot and I had to give it a little throttle which Is indicating a rich condition on start up “This is my Territory by the way .” 

It’s also running quite rich at open loop at 100 km’s showing 12 lts per 100 km’s and 14.3 to 15.1 .which has just started doing that . I’ve changed the low slope and leaned it out which made a little bit of difference. But the tune shouldn’t change. The low slope is the same as in the log taken earlier in the year showing near 1 lambda . 

So a dead o2 sensor ( original o2 sensor 2005 origin) would do this ? Also stalls in reverse if you accidentally punch the throttle. 

regards Graham. 



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Ok I’m commanding 1 at idle and in the usual fields . So something weird is going on ! 
I’ll reload the tune and see ? 

It did do a funny on me a couple of weeks ago . Car was warm and just sitting in the car park . I started it up and all was fine . Started driving and got into about 3-4 psi boost for about 2  seconds. Then the Etc light stayed on and it went into limp mode with the throttle. Then started running at 22:1 and misfiring. I pulled over , well had too , had no torque . Well I shut it done . Reset the ignition and away it went again . 
Seems to forgotten part of its tune ? 
any ideas ? 

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