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Decel spark


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This is a strange one, a previous vehicle I had on decal spark used to drop to -10 degrees even though decel spark was set at 15 deg. Now another vehicle with the same decel table and spark torque management tables still run 15 degrees and not 10 degrees. Is there a table or scaler I'm missing that allows-10 degree decel spark without changing decel spark table? Cheers

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12 hours ago, richardpalinkas said:

At the time I was using forscan. And could tell by decel pips I was getting. I just changed decel spark to -10 and logged with live link and am getting -10, just wasn't sure if there was a torque management setting that also controls decel spark angle

Ok that makes more sense. Most likely what is happening is your TPS value is too high to be considered closed throttle. The other possibility is It also filters the entry and exit of the spark value when going into and out of the decel spark map.

Check auF12629 and auF12544 for the filter constants.

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