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Turn off BF Engine Oil Temp sensor - HACCED7


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Hi all,

I've got a BF petrol (PCM Strat - HACCED7) and looks like a I have an EOT sensor wire broken somewhere in the engine harness (no continuity from sensor plug to PCM plug - open circuit). reading -40deg EOT and I'm pretty sure this is why the VCT isn't working... Digging around in the calibration I found 'auF2238: Engine oil temperature sensor being used.' under 'System Switches'. stock value is '1', does anyone know before I pony up on the credits if changing the value to '0' will switch the EOT to a calculated value from CHT like on FG NA PCMs? 

Let me know if I'm being too tight! haha If it works, its worth spending the credits rather than removing and stripping the engine harness for repair. She's only a basher to get to the train station.


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It probably will work but I would want to see someone test it first. 

Surely the credits are more than your labour to fix it though? You might have a bad earth or other sensors having issues which imo warrants further investigation. 

If it's for a customer I wouldn't be happy if I was them and someone did that. A few tanks of fuel would cost more than the fix! 

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I'm with Roland on this one, I'd like to see it tested first. I'm sure I've seen some of the blokes who've been doing Barra conversion wiring & PCM tuning for years say that when using a FG engine loom & BF PCM, the EOT sensor & wiring has to be added. If you try switching the EOT sensor off & getting VCT to work, let us know what you did.

I assume you've checked the wiring near the connector & PCM itself. Also check the wiring loom hasn't rubbed through where it passes over the AC hard line near the PCM. It's a common place for engine wiring loom damage.


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