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barra sz 175 amp alternator


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i was trawling the internet the other day and a discussion on the proflow high amp alternators came up, one of the commenters said they prefer the oem sz 175a alternators.

after realizing i had one in the shed, i put it on my territory.

now it charges at 13.4 ish but gets unstable with rpm and i saw it hit 16 where the zf started to flash error. it lodged a p0622-60 charging system fault code, with the battery light on dash.


this alt was in my shed and the comm's contacts dident look great. i cleaned them up... but i guess the question is, should this work?


i pmd the commenter and he said hed fitted them to barras with haltechs without issue, just changed the charging strategy.

i actually ordered another one thinking i could put it on the other car, but it wont be here for a week.




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just as an update, I disconnected the coms wires and the alternator behaved exactly the same. (usually at 13.4ish but occasionally spike to 15s-bat light on dash)

so old 130a std alternator went back in.

when the wreckers 175 comes ill put it in to test.


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And just because the thread needs to be complete, not because i like talking to myself here is an update.

Swaped over sz alternator 2. Pins n alt looked great condition.

Car started and ran no issues.

Alt was set to 14.7. std alternator was only hitting around 14.25 ish at idle. This alternator we get around 14.55.

Anyway the main point. My caravan dcdc charger used to feed in around 16/17 amps hr with old alternator at idle, with new alternator it kicks in 29/30 amps hr.


I thought id run into trouble with needing to change charging duity cycle, but so far everything seems normal. And i dont think we have acess to alt dc in pcmtech? The guy who passed on info used haltech and said he needed minor alt dc adjustments.


Anyway. Good upgrade. Ive orderd another one for a different car.

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