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3D companion app for PCMTEC


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Matt actually implemented this before he left. We have just never had the resources to QA it and ensure it doesn't reduce performance. 

Video of it here 


Skip to 2:08

Help us sell into the US to bring on more devs and we will get it into a build! 

I even did a POC back in 2016 which I never finished. 

The list is never ending and we have to say no to 95% of requests unfortunately. 


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Right on. Considered sponsorship? From all the you tubing I've done, they get good crowds over there to drag and drive meets etc.  

That 3D library I linked to above is very good. My backyard QA was to link 12 plots together and have them spinning around, zooming and panning all at random. On a mid range laptop she was smooth as butter.

I haven't looked into this yet, but was thinking of window hooking into whatever table is open in the pcmtec editor to get the table data and axis. 

I've just started playing around with the point edit call back function. Pretty cool.   

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3 hours ago, hjtrbo said:

Wasn't looking. 🤷

I thought you meant sponsorship regarding coding!

Yes we do some sponsorship, we find it works best with influencers or end users, simply paying them for videos of their testimonials etc. Eg something they have already created and believe. Our recent batch of training videos was done by an end user under an agreement like this.

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Lol, oh hell no. You'd cringe at my work compared to yours. 

If you could get onto Cletus McFarland and get him going with rolling anti lag on 1 of his Ford trucks that would make for a good sponsorship video. That bloke racks up a 1M+ views in a day or 2. 


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Made some updates:

  • Paste with axis info from PCMTec or HP Tuners
  • Separate x axis paste from PCMTec
  • Add or remove number of decimal places displayed
  • Single or multi edit of selected cell(s)
  • Single or multiple graph point(s) can be selected and moved with immediate table update

To do:

  • Undo / redo function
  • Tidy up of cell editing
  • Implement decimal rounding on the data table when moving the graph points
  • More copy options, e.g. copy with axis
  • More paste options e.g. paste special functions

Wish list:

  • Interpolate functions
  • Input csv data for x & y axis and generate output plot so table changes can be visualised from existing data runs

Edit: I've reached out to Elmue the developer of the 3D graph code to see if the way the axis are displayed can be improved. He has said he will investigate but made no promises. 

PCMTEC 3D Viewer_V0.2.zip

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