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Platinum Racing R35 coils & Ignitor delete


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Hey guys has anyone installed these the stock ecu?. 1800 Bucks & looks like you need to wire it in. I am running 24psi e85 & standard plugs/ coils are struggling with a 0.72mm gap. I though this would be a good upgrade from a do it once do it right perspective as I was to keep turning the boost up.

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I'm negative today... Just because of the price of these things and companies that 'create a market' for something that probably really didn't need it.

You lose mis-fire monitor and they require dwell time tuning? That's what I read.


Questions I have in an attempt to save you some money:

  • What are other people running at your power level? 
  • Is your plug the correct heat range and type? Refer to old school tuner
  • Can your dwell settings be changed to make the coil more aggressive?

Puff is a good public source of knowledge (unlike the others who take then keep it all to themselves, the big barra secret, oooah) and loves winding up the boost. Hopefully he replies. 

Negativity over.

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I'd have a whinge too but I've already done that this morning so onto the topic at hand.

I've ran 40psi/711awkw through a dead stock BF ignition system with the gaps at 0.4mm. That is both genuine stock coils and gas plugs. I've also ran the same boost making 766awkw (1000kw at the the crank) with a much larger turbo with FG coils on stock BF dwell times with stock plugs gapped to 0.5mm. The car idled fine in both cases so no worries there from having a small gap.

I found a 0.7mm gap will start to break up around the 25psi mark with the correct timing and a lean afr, if the timing is too low or if you're in the low 11s with the fuel it'll start to break up earlier.

Long story short you need to lower your gap asap and use fresh plugs if they have been fouled or are old.

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@hjtrbo& @Puffwagon thanks for replying I was hoping you guys would. What happened was I was running a gap of 0.81mm @ 21psi. I turned it up to 23 then 24. @23 I felt the odd miss. Not every pull. This scales roughly to the 0.7 @ 25 psi you quoted Puff. The plugs I use are NGK BKR6EIX Iridium with the factory Coils. There will be enough room in the factory system if I gap them down. Thanks for that info Puff. 

Is there any value in changing the dwell settings?

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