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ETC hanging on decel

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Pcmtec new starter here. 

playing around with my barra converted f100. have fg turbo ecu. recently changed speed signal source to my canbarra. now on decel ive lost a bit of vacuum. the throttle is hanging open slightly on decel. when it gets to a few km per hour it goes back to normal. any idea where i should be looking to sort this out?

have attached a couple of logs to compare.

No speed signal.teclog speed signal.teclog

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have attached 2 screenshots. basically any time i get off the throttle completely. tp raw without speed signal is about 155-165. with the speed signal its 180+. can feel a noticable loss of compression braking. it basically coasts. 

No Speed signal decel.JPG

Speed signal decel.JPG

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Your load value changes when it does the raised throttle thing. The dashpot value auF2471 is set at 0.14 load, you are under that, then over it when the issue occurs. This means it will initially be in idle mode then into decel mode, which will be changing the airflow parameters as it does so. I'm pretty sure it's auF1704 that you want to lower, this will drop the decel airflow ie close the throttle a bit and should even things out. You might also want to just change auF2471 to 0.23 or so, this might work just as well without having to frig around with airflow numbers.

If you type dashpot into the search bar on the navigator it will bring up all of the various dashpot related things. You can also type daspot, dunno whether this is a spelling error or whatever but there's more parameters there.

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thanks guys. from my searching on this forum i did come across dashpot. i dont seem to have auF1704 though. i will try change the decel load and see what that does. although i would like to understand why its doing it in the first place and not with the speed signal disabled.

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