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dual (triple) fuel


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Hi Guys

loving the advances with the software.

I have a bit of an unusual set up that I am going to be running once the build is finished.

I am building a procharged 260 in a ba xr8 6 speed manual. it is going to run daily on lpg/98, but at the strip it is going to be fed e85.

The lpg set up we are using is capable of feeding in petrol on top of the lpg once we have exceeded the power/flow limits of the lpg system.

what I am wondering about is switching maps between the combination of fuels, for example, lpg only, lpg and 98 combined, e85 only and lpg e85 combined.

The last combination is more to satisfy our curiosity to see the result of combining e85 and lpg, lol think we need to find a life.

I know the flex fuel kit will solve the issue between 98 and  e85 but that still leaves the tuning for lpg and the combinations, I have been reading your post

on the four position switch and changing from high to low boost, do you think this would work in this situation or is there another way with the custom os

I can achieve what I am looking for.

I am also running dual fuel pumps is there an option in the software to turn the second pump on either in switching maps or when the flex kit senses a certain level

of ethanol.

Thanks Scott

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Should be doable.

You could set up 3 different stoichometric ratios and have a 3 position switch. You could then have two different injectors slopes as well. 

Same with spark. You could set up 2 spark maps and have the third position use some combination of the two. 

So you would only have dual maps, but providing the 3rd map is some combination of the other two maps you can effectively make a third one with some limitations. 

Would be a bit tricky to set up, but I think you could make it work with a few compromises. 

Otherwise just take your laptop with you and run two tunes. One for the strip, then use the dual map custom os for the daily duties. 

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Hi roland

Thanks for the reply. I would be setting up the hardware myself and plans to buy the software and get a basic tune into it. But with the complexity of the whole set up, engine mods included, I will leave most of it to the tuner. I have already emailed Danny about the flex fuel for the ba, but I haven't spoke to him yet about all the tuning side of it. Don't want to scare him off lol.

Thanks Scotty

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