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BF egas AFR


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I have installed a wideband oxygen sensor on my egas wagon and the first thing I noticed was it was idle/cruise AFR's hover around 14.7/1. Under WOT I see low 12's - high 11s.

I was under the impression that stoich for LPG was around the 15.6-15.8:1. Is this normal for a stock egas falcon? 




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Definitely recommend getting used to lambda readings, it makes it a lot easier to switch fuels without having to re-calculate in your head.

Also worth remembering that a wideband measures oxygen, so if you run big camshafts with overlap you can read lean (due to oxygen in the exhaust) but still have fuel dripping out the exhaust pipe. So you have to use some educated guess work to know if what you are reading is actually what is going on inside the engine.

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