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BTR NA to Turbo conversion


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This guide shows you how to use Compare/History to apply the changes that Ford did to the BTR transmission when they used it in a I6 turbo. This guide is intended to be used to show you how to update the BTR transmission calibration when you have converted the car from NA to Turbo. The BTR calibration was used in BA in both turbo and non turbo vehicles and BF in NA form only.

We have three vehicles that were factory turbocharged and used a BTR 4 speed transmission. We will be using 32YC as the base turbocharged BTR calibration and for the NA comparison  A3AE. I have attached the two stock files.

You can get the stock files via the "Calibration Tools -> Stock File/Calibration Merge" and then use the "Create Stock File form Catch Code or Strategy" button.

First we will assume your car is a NA car (A3AE). Open the calibration and then click Compare/History, then use the "Load Compare File" button and load the BTR turbo calibration (32YC):


If the Editor asks you to use Partial Load:


You MUST click No.

The compare view will look like:


Using the tick box next to the Compare/History Navigation tab tick "Auto Parameters", "Trans (Australian Specific)", "Transmission Pressure" and Transmission Torque Reduction":



And then click Apply. Next we need to ensure the torque calculation for the transmission matches the turbo calibration, select the following items:


And click Apply.

You may be asked the following question:


Most people will click Yes as the axis have been re scaled for the turbo, you may have done this already as part of you turbo conversion.

Now use Save As to save the file. This file is will have the transmission calibration updated for the turbo calibration. Further tuning of the transmission may be required if you have modified the vehicle beyond the factory turbo

 .A3AE BTR Edited with Turbo BTR trannsmission calibration.tec32YC BTR Turbo.tec


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It must be stated the physical differences between the NA and I6T/V8 transmissions as well. The NA BTR won't last long behind anything with decent power and torque. You need a built I6T or V8 trans to last.

The BA GT auto calibration is better suited to a forced induction setup than the turbo calibration. There is significant different in programming FPV did for the BTR compared to Fords programming of the BTR for the I6T.

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