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  1. Will check, I don't think so actually.
  2. Update. Stock NA closed loop tables did not fix the problem. Its definitely a drive by wire or torque control issue, the throttle won't maintain gradual increases or decreases, its as if the throttle applies too much, then snaps back. Not sure what the fix is at this point. I notice the engine will do it without cruise enabled, driving on a flat surface and steady throttle the throttle modulates without peddle input.
  3. Been having this issue as well, hunting during cruise, mainly over 100km/h. I fixed it by reverting back to the stock closed loop peak to peak amplitude settings, auF3245. The engine did not like the turbo settings.
  4. Agreed. There's no trickery to this, I dont think I've extended the DFCO enable time. The flames on trailing throttle on started to occur after I changed the mid section of the exhaust post dump pipe to 4", going through 5" cat body, back to single 4" muffler, then into single 3.5" over the diff. Prior to that I had a twin 2.5" cat setup and it wouldn't throw flames during trailing throttle.
  5. Thanks. Doing some reading elsewhere that is what is also suggested. I'm data logging around 1 deg KR during cruise with the stock MBT tables with the built engine so I know I need to adjust the sensitivity.
  6. You need to compare your file against another file where the 2-1 bump isn't happening and compare any 2-1 shift settings. I'd be looking at shift times, slip times, pressures and the 2-1 shift/lock schedule. The easiest thing to do would to increase the 2-1 shift speed to say 10-15km/h and see if that makes a difference to the bump.
  7. No as I believe the PCM hardware is different.
  8. The other question is have you changed the MAP sensor to a 2bar or 3 bar sensor?
  9. Have you compared to a turbo calibration? auF0050 set to 0.9 auF0049 set to 0 (to disable anticipated are charge Logic) These are the setting for HAEK4PE (FG F6 auto calibration)
  10. My stock ZF lasted 20,000kms behind 511rwkw in my G6ET on E85. Sometimes is luck of the draw..........
  11. If the torque limiting was disabled on the previous tune then I'd say your gearbox is probably 80% rooted. The ZF behind a stock I6T wont last with torque management switched off.
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