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  1. Which PID datalogs the current shift map?
  2. How can shift map be logged?
  3. While this works for the Turbo models, the shift burble isn't activated in the NA calibration (Territory). auF12216, auF10971, auF1338, auF10020, auF11419, auF11779, auF10533, auF11392, auF11857, auF11992 These are the parameters changed from stock to enable torque truncation and fuel cut during gearshift for my NA Territory calibration. I believe you cant just apply a turbo calibration to a NA calibration as the PCM hardware is different. The NA PCM does not have an allowance for the wastegate solenoid. I'm running an Eboost Street to control boost. I cant utilise the boost by gear and WG tables, that's a limitation using the NA PCM.
  4. Problem fixed. Ive reverted back to the stock HAEM1AF calibration and from there applied changes necessary for the engine and transmission. Copying the engine and transmission development parameters caused issues with the calibration. The Territory is now behaving like a stock Territory, albeit with a turbo engine. The gearshift burble from the FG turbo is functioning as well. I've found the parameter which enables this feature.
  5. What brought this thread about? I'm guessing someone's bought a workshop version of PCMTec and is doing Macca's tunes and doesn't know what to charge 🤑
  6. To recap, I've essentially had to reduce the airflow in drive at 1000rpm to 0.5, 1150rpm to 0.25 and 1300rpm to 0.15 to get the engine to decelerate. Given the different compression ratio of the pistons over the stock comp there's a bit of tweeking of the tune to be carried out. I've been able to get the fuel cut during gearshift to work so the engine now 'farts' between gearshifts. So far, the stock NA trans behind the heavy Territory is holding up well with 20psi boost from a Gen 1 GTX3582R, the engine must be making around 400-420rwkw with the current accessories.
  7. The car is a 2013 TS SZ Territory petrol RWD with a built FG engine. Stock cams but the compression ratio is 9.0:1. Will try the various changes you've suggested. Running a turbo calibration in a NA car doesn't work unfortunately, been there, done that. I have to modify the stock calibration with as much of the turbo cal as possible. I'm 99% there, the engine 'farts' during gearshifts, just need to work on the engine run on at low speed with zero throttle.
  8. I don't think it's an air leak. The PCV checked ok. I've also data logged idle and tps, spark at idle is 10-11 degrees. Throttle angle is 4 degrees at idle, tq source driver demand.
  9. Just trying to figure out how to stop the engine from running on during decelerations at low speed with the throttle closed. EG, with the throttle closed the car still 'drives' itself, like the throttle is not completely stuck. I can get DFCO to work above speeds of 85km/h at closed throttle and will keep the injectors shut off to around 45km/h. When the injectors cut back in the vehicle will maintain a constant speed on a level road. When the gear selector is put to neutral the engine rpm sits around 1800rpm until I slow to around 3km/h, then it drops down to idle. Car is a SZ Territory with a FG turbo engine. I'm running mostly the FG F6 MKII calibration (HAEK4PE) but have also tried HAEK2ME and the XR6 Sprint idle and dashpot settings. Any suggestions?
  10. Can you data log current shift map?
  11. Is there a way for the x/y axis to be copied across from one calibration to another e.g. copying a F6 shift/lock table to a XR6T?
  12. Trade secret huh? Can you label each shift pattern in the next software update with what you know what pattern is what event. Thanks!
  13. If it's running boost, was turbo logic enabled? AY3A calibration, for example, has auF0049 disabled, and that is a turbo calibration.
  14. auF0261 & auF0262, make sure torque truncation is set to 0. auF1170 must be set higher than maximum stall speed.
  15. It must be stated the physical differences between the NA and I6T/V8 transmissions as well. The NA BTR won't last long behind anything with decent power and torque. You need a built I6T or V8 trans to last. The BA GT auto calibration is better suited to a forced induction setup than the turbo calibration. There is significant different in programming FPV did for the BTR compared to Fords programming of the BTR for the I6T.
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