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Decel valve overlap

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17 hours ago, richardpalinkas said:

Does having more valve overlap on decel with retarded ignition timing help with off throttle to on throttle response? As in reduce turbo lag? 

No as the throttle is shut so even though you have overlap, you have no airflow. Only way to reduce lag on a shut throttle is to add an airflow (eg stop the throttle shutting) like a rally car for real anti lag. Destroys turbines and exhausts though.

You could make this happen by stopping the throttle from shutting completely by messing with the dashpot airflow (this will cause throttle hang with standard spark values) then decrease the timing and add overlap to induce a real antilag.

Don't test this on an auto or on the street as it could cause unintended acceleration and bad brakes (due to poor vacuum assist), manual is a lot safer as you can simply clutch in. Be careful.

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