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Torque Module Switch


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Is anyone able to shed some light on what the Torque Module Switch is and what is effected when it is disabled or enabled?

Also under the spark and fuel torque ratio tables most of the torque sources are self explanatory, however just need a little bit of clarification on what driver demand and transmission truncation are?  

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Hi Sam,

The Torque Module switch allows the torque control of the engine to be turned off. The Falcon is a torque based engine with all controls designed to deliver the required/expected torque. Turning this module off is generally a bad move and the car will not deliver expected spark, fuel or throttle response. In my case it made the car shift extremely harsh.

Each of the entries in these tables are what they call torque sources. When the car decides it needs to control torque based for one of these sources it uses these values (ratios) to reduce torque. Spark is the most effective as it reacts very quickly. Throttle the slowest reacting.

Transmission truncation is the amount to torque to reduce when the car is being stalled up. Transmission Shift Modulation is the ratio of the torque reduction for the the car shifts gears. 

Driver Demand reduction occurs when the PCM decides that the desired torque the driver has requested exceeds what the engine is producing.

.Like any of these sources these are the ratios that will be used when the car is performing one of these torque reductions (sources).

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It won't completely disable the torque stuff. Eg traction control will still utilise the throttle to control traction by shutting it under extreme traction loss. I've tested and confirmed that in a manual however I'm pretty sure all the fuel and spark torque stuff is disabled as it makes the traction control quite on/off eg it does nothing or it puts your head through the windshield.

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