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Looking for a keen enthusiastic tuner in Sydney (will provide Dyno)


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Hey guys

I have a FGX XR6 with mods to support 500+hp Pro64/7-S2 water/meth kit and a mate with a shop/Dyno, I am looking for someone who is able to come and tune it happy to pay obviously.

potential to keep tuning for the shop. Just seems hard to find tuners who put effort into cars most of the guys on forums are into doing so, so I thought its better then going to shops. I have put some falcons on the Dyno and its shocking how they run. not here to bad mouth people. just looking for someone keen :)


Thanks for you time.

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The reason sometimes you see cars with poor results from a workshop is the shop is under pressure to get a job done in a few hours on the dyno. If the car has no issues and is using the same injectors and parts they have previously dialled in you can get a great result in a few hours. If you have DIYd half the parts and the shop runs into trouble with faults, or for example you are using injectors they have never tuned before they might spend half the tuning time just dialing them in. Then to get it really nice they really need the car for a week of cold starts and running at least 80-100kms on the car for the long term fuel trims to dial in. Unless it is their R&D car they just wont be able to do this for the budget they have been given. This is why I always recommend using parts the workshop has previously tuned and recommend, even if they may not be the best parts in your eyes, this way you know they have parameter files and base tunes that will get the car 90% of the way there, then they can spend the full dyno budget on really polishing the tune off.

Regarding getting another DIYer to tune your car the issue you are going to run into is the hours most guys who self tune their cars are in excess of weeks sometimes. It is not profitable for people to spend that much time on someone else's car and you are unlikely to want to spend that money either. I spent probably the equivalent of 2-3 weeks full time tuning my car to get fuel trims at 0-1% along with perfect cold starts on e85 in 5c.

If you have any IT background at all could consider learning yourself. Might set you back a few grand in equipment etc, but if you take the car to 3 or 4 shops you are going to spend this anyway.

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