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BA PCM 3000rpm limit


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Hi guys,


I have a customers BA PCM (HAANGL6) that's been used in a conversion doing some weird stuff. It's running an NA 4L in a jet boat. The fault is that after approx 5 min of running its getting rev limited to ~3000rpm. A key cycle resets the time until it does it again.

I got the PCM after someone else had a go and thought I'd found the cause (neutral limiter was 3000) however its still doing it.

It had a few DTCs for AC and PS which I've disabled, but nothing obvious to the cause. I got the customer to log ECT/IAT/RPM/LTFT/VCT/ETC DSD vs ACT/APP FLT and nothing has really stood out. All torque ratios other than engine speed are 0. ECT torque limiting has been disabled (ECT was fine in logs anyway). Speed Source is set to Not Configured (no trans). Reverse gear torque limit raised.


I am thinking auF1588 RPM guard limit as a function of pedal position but want to make sure I cover all bases. Is there a way I can PID log whether this is being tripped using Forscan?

Any other ideas or hints as to what I am missing? I am sure it's going to be simple.




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This topic is a bit old but maybe you figured out how to fix this problem. I'm in the exact same situation with a Barra in a jet boat and after 5 minutes it will hit an rpm limit. While data logging the engine speed limit variable at the 5 minute point it reduces from 6000 to 3200 and I can't find a way to change this. I have set all of the torque limit tables to 0 and it is still limiting the rpm. Did you find a solution to this or is there no way to avoid the rpm limit?

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