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  1. Latest Tactrix drivers as shown in my screenshot worked fine here. Make sure you're downloading from the Tactrix website.
  2. Weird problem, haven't got to the bottom yet. Latest driver has newer dates/versions FYI. I am picking certificate/date issue or something else funky going on with the PC.
  3. Hi guys, I have a customers BA PCM (HAANGL6) that's been used in a conversion doing some weird stuff. It's running an NA 4L in a jet boat. The fault is that after approx 5 min of running its getting rev limited to ~3000rpm. A key cycle resets the time until it does it again. I got the PCM after someone else had a go and thought I'd found the cause (neutral limiter was 3000) however its still doing it. It had a few DTCs for AC and PS which I've disabled, but nothing obvious to the cause. I got the customer to log ECT/IAT/RPM/LTFT/VCT/ETC DSD vs ACT/APP FLT and nothing has
  4. If you don't have any luck on the Terri just drop us an email. Would be the first failure I've seen in many sales. PS: for anyone in doubt about whether they're Genuine, the authenticity of the units we sell can be validated by checking the serial number on the unit with Tactrix themselves. Cheers, Jason
  5. Thanks Rolls, some good insight to be had from those comparisons. I was wondering whether you had any more info on the Decel Fuel Shut Off. The Params seem to have slightly different names (coasting fuel shut off, DFSO, fuel shutoff, decel fuel shut-off, CFC, DFS) which makes searching for them hard as there's no common term. Not all are grouped in the Coasting Fuel Shut Off top level either. In particular do you know anything the references to 'profile correction' ? The 5.0 seems to re-enable the injectors when coasting at a much higher rpm/speed than the 6 cylinders, I'm look
  6. Thanks. What are the B maps used for?
  7. If we can confirm which other parameters need to be altered, it'd make a great how to guide to add to the ones in this forum.
  8. Hey guys, Love the ongoing work on this software. The Howto guides you have added here are excellent, short and to the point. Would love to see some for the 5.0, maybe on the factory throttle limit? Cheers, Jason
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