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tactrix problems


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Just wondering if anyone has had a problem with their tactrix adaptor. It wouldn't connect

to my ba xr8 and I thought it was a probem with my obd port but my blue tooth adaptor and my

sct hand controller both connect fine. The error message I get through pcmtec when I try to read the vehicle is

that it can see the cable but isn't receiving from the pcm. I then trie using it with my scanning software

in the wifes kia and it is doing the same thing, it can see the j2354 but isn't seeing feedback from the pcm.

Any help would be appreciated thanks Scott

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Hope it genuine for the price I paid lol. But seriously they are a well known Aussie company so I think it is. As for the drivers I double checked they were installed and pcmtec is saying that it can see it as a j2354. I am lost too if it's not faulty.

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It could be a comm port issue. Maybe try plug it in a different usb port and let it power on and install to see if makes a difference. I know sometimes i have to do this for PCMtec to pick it up again. Maybe try a different obd2 software to scan the ecu.  Just to see if you get anything out of it.

Otherwise maybe well be stuffed :/

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If you don't have any luck on the Terri just drop us an email. Would be the first failure I've seen in many sales.


PS: for anyone in doubt about whether they're Genuine, the authenticity of the units we sell can be validated by checking the serial number on the unit with Tactrix themselves.





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15 hours ago, galapogos01 said:

Would be the first failure I've seen in many sales.

We only ever heard of one failure before and I suspect it was a high voltage power supply killing it (I think it was about 20v and had FEPS left powered on over a weekend which is not exactly normal use). Tactrix themselves said they had never seen it before.

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Woohoo success! It wasnt the cable it was the usb port in my laptop, all good now though. On a side note i have just read the file in my car and it is telling me i have a checksum error. Any thoughts?

Thanks for all the help and advice.


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1 hour ago, finnigan001 said:

hmmm... i wonder if that's because the tune is locked?  Still should stop you from logging the vehicle thou i wouldn't have thought

If it is tuner locked with our software it will say so specifically. Some other tuners do their own thing to tuner lock the PCM which could also cause a checksum error.

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Thanks Roland I will have a read of that post. No it's not locked, the pcm is from my sedan and was tuned by a large shop in Melb when I had the vortech supercharger in it. When i transferred the engine into my ute I used the same tune and have been trying to fine tune it with sct since.

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7 minutes ago, Robertbossghia said:

im having similar issue with tactrix not connecting on pcmtec but works fine on forscan

Can you please submit a support ticket https://www.pcmtec.com/contactus

Please detail what you've tried, exactly what error occurred. What vehicle? Has the cable ever worked before? Can you please do help -> upload logs as well

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