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Torque management

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hey guys, just bought a new g6et due to my other car being stolen. this car has already been tuned, but im trying to turn back on the shift burble, ive transferred over my other vehicles settings for torque management, but its not working. i even tried changing back to stock torque management settings but still nothing. does the transmission have to be below a certain temp for things like shift modulation to take effect? cant seem to see whats going on. cheers

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Firstly what happens with the stock strategy? The BF for example doesn't have the individual cylinder fuel cut on shift that the FG does, so it is possible that some early FG strategies don't have it as well.

A good test will be to try the stock tune and see what it does to ensure that feature exists. Then we can do a compare of the torque reduction settings to a known car that does it.

What strategy was your old vehicle which did have the burble? I will do a compare of the two.

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