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Hey All new to the forum’s and all together new to tuning, have done a bit of browsing over the last couple of days and some of the abbreviations are a bit confusing wanted to gain some knowledge before I go for a trial and error playing with my ‘03 ba xr6t.

so far I’ve reasonably modified my rig which program should I go for?

Enthusiast or professional been leaning towards professional because of accessibility, I don’t really have the know how but want to learn.


will be seeking to source some injectors, have fabbed up a 5L alloy twin surge tank for external pump setup. I have not touched anything fuel related yet, from what I believe it still has standard sized pump, has standard 310cc injectors. I have a reasonably new 255L walbro I’m thinking of swapping from my other play car.

I have a catless 3” exhaust with a hurricane (offset) centre muffler straight through rear muffler.

-stage 2 plazmaman hot/ cold side

-china 3” inlet/outlet cheapo intercooler

-gt3582r 0.7 China front housing refurbished ball bearing core and 37mm ported flapper in the stock rear housing.

-12psi turbosmart wastegate

otherwise everything else is stock driven through the 4-speed btr.

as far as I’m aware I’ve got a healthy going strong 260k Barra, unknown of what maintenance has been carried out on internals. Apart from the fact that there is zero blow by and surprisingly 180psi across the board.

In the long run I will be playing with it and adjusting things more frequently as my knowledge grows, like pops and bangs coolboi stuff and give it a bit more go.


will only be on 98 as access to e85 is like 1.5hr drive from me.


just seeking a recommendations and wisdom for my setup.

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You can always purchase the enthusiast version then pay the difference to upgrade to professional later. This is an instant upgrade available via the webstore.

Professional has the VID block editor and ZF access which you will be unlikely to use. You may want to access the boost control PID parameters and more advanced parameters in professional later on down the track.

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