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FG Mk2 2013 Xr6 Turbo tune

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Hello Team

I have been playing with the PCMTEC software and has been a learning experience and great tool, It is very challenging and totally different to after market ECU's which i have worked and tune in the past. Mainly microtech's. I would dare to say I'm an enthusiast not a professional 🙂 . In the past I have been mainly swapping calibrations and comparing with factory values FGX, F6 and the like (ghost cam and burble ect).

Now I decided to change various parameters to increase PSI to see what the car feels like, i also added some timing ~ 1 -2 degrees in the map. The mod on the car is pretty much standard with a cat less pipe to remove restrictions the car has a rebuilt 64mm turbo and 12 psi wastegate done as the turbo has been rebuilt overall the core was replaced and rear and front housing machined to allow this to take place( i have kept the factory piping). the turbo was rebuilt by pro charge turbo chargers.. Removed intake muffler and installed a 4inch pipe and a KN panel filter. based on the changes I don't really feel the car laying power as I expect it. 

The car is a FG Mk2 2013 Xr6 Turbo with a ZF auto. please do see my tec file and kindly share feedback on how and where i can improve the tune. 


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With the 12psi actuator, even with the Wastegate duty cycle zeroed, you'll see around 12psi of boost. I can see you still have stock fuel injectors installed. These won't really be enough for even 12psi of boost safely. You still have a fair amount of DC for the wastegate, i'm sure that'll see closer to 20psi, way too much. Also the desired boost table is to high (almost 30psi). Please get a set of injectors at least if you want to run around 12-15psi. You may run into valve float issues as well. 

You'll have to rescale the BLK and MBT tables as you'll probably max out the 1.7 load at over 12psi. also pull timing up top for high boost levels. 



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Thanks for your informative input.I will re-adjust as suggested.

@Yamonda I thought desired boost is ignored in open loop boost control?

I'm in the process of changing injectors. Before I do so just wanted to see what's achievable. I will review and make adjustments.

@ Roland, yes I have wide band, values are 11's and 12's under load.

I have been reviewing many injectors, I would like to future proof them also. What is suitable and most suited to pcmtec community? I was looking at Bosch 110 lb injectors. With of course their data to input dead times and slopes.

https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/122923419857  I prefer this injector due to its ev14 connector no requirement for adapters.

or raceworx


with gratitude


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