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2009 bf lpg engine, turbo with bf xr6t pcm


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Hi all. still very new to the pcmtec software, fitted a 09 high compression bf lpg engine to my patrol with the standard earley bf turbo setup, siemans deka 60lb injectors , zf6 auto. ive got a HACCEG3 pcm ( turbo).

Now is there anything i need to import from the factory LPG pcm into the turbo calibration? obviously the spark in the first thing i need to get right to get it running ok. ive used the tec file posted here for 60lb injectors, but something still seams to be way off as everytime i lighty touch the throttle in drive it goes rich splaters and stalls only does it once its warmed up.

hopefully someone here can lead me in the right direction before i start doing major adjustments.


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So many possibilities, engine swap and turbo swap on LPG engine.

I would suggest it might be more likely lean, and cold enrichment covers it up on startup. More likely mechanical or conversion related, not tuning.  Obviously, you shouldn't try to tune around a mechanical fault.

First, I would ask how much of the standard bf turbo setup do you have? Map sensor? Throttle body? Fuel pressure regulator? Air intake? crossover? Intercooler? Wiring loom?

If all of the above is standard bf turbo, then is your fuel pump good enough? Might be low fuel pressure.

If that's good... then are you sure your injector data is correct? Are the injectors genuine? Brand new? Do you have stock bf injectors that could be installed to see if it fixes it(with stock injector data in tune)?

Then..... maybe spark tuning, but, I dunno how much difference the LPG motor should need, just off idle, at low throttle. I'd expect not much.  You could compare to stock LPG tune.  If you have pcmtec professional you can create the stock lpg tune file from catch code to compare.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the info. have checked and re checked everything lol, 4 bar reg, walbro 460, its running the fg turbo map, everything else is stock, water to air cooler,

ive data logged quite a bit, but found the ms on the injectors to be way off, LTFT disabled. PW 0.35 and changed it too 1.391 as per ford racing data. now this has made a huge difference i can now touch the throttle in drive and no stalling at least now with the wide band in its running a little bit on the rich side. Now i need to get it idling a bit better, the data logging in pcmtec is alot different layout to hp tuners i think now its a matter of understanding the software properly.  

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8 hours ago, jpm600 said:

Obviously, you shouldn't try to tune around a mechanical fault.

I cannot emphasise this enough. We regularly see people burn days due to trying to tune around something mechanical. Eg fuel pressure spiking at idle or dropping at redline. Blocked injectors, fake map sensors etc. Spark plugs not gapped and missing etc. Massive boost leaks etc.

You must check fuel pressure and all your non oem sensors are operating correctly before tuning the car.

Once you are sure all the above is ok aim for 1-2% LTFT (long term fuel trims) before tuning WOT otherwise you will go in circles. Read all the HOWTO guides on injectors regarding this.

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Using all genuine sensors, bkr7 plugs gaped to 0.6 but haven't checked fuel pressure as yet, hopefully can get that done sometime this week, the only fault code i have at the moment is the abs signal missing in the trans. Just little things at a time.

Thanks for the input

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If mechanicals check out.

Then, not mine, but this is the injector data for another user with 60lb Deka's in a mildly tuned territory turbo.

Obviously, use at your own risk, but might be useful to compare injector data for a sanity check and see if it's ball park to what you're using.

deka 60lb.PNG

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