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A bit stuck ba falcon tune


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Hey guys my name is Reece I'm from Wellington new Zealand.. I've just finished building a 2004 ba falcon na to turbo conversion.. it has a t70 turbo 3inch exhaust two 38mm wastegates 3 bar map sensor 850cc bosh injectors 044 pump rising rate fuel reg and a front mount.. although building this car was pretty straight forward for me until I got to the tuning side.. I'm dislecsic and struggle with reading and writing have done my whole life. really appreciate my friend helping me write to you guys.. I have my laptop with the pcmtec software installed but having trouble getting a decent enough base tune to be abel to drive it to our local dyno to fine tune everything.. there is alot of clever and knowledgeable guys on here and was hoping someone may have a tune close to what I have maby.. would really appreciate any help and advice.. cheers for your time




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That link is a parameter file and you should download it.

You open PCMTec, click on "file" at the top left, then click on "Import from parameter file". The file will probably be in your downloads folder so you can just double click it and it will show (down the bottom) that you've successfully imported the file.

This will probably sort out the injectors but you'll still need to sort out the 3 bar map scaling.

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