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Fail to connect/read


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Howdy all and merry Christmas.

I've decided to pull a pcm/tcm tune from my Falcon today and it ain't connecting.

It was previously licensed with PCMTec several years ago and has sat idle since then.

I had licensed it with the motor out and the trans connected while on the ground next to the car and it worked fine then. The only thing plugged into the loom was the trans, no the, injectors, tmap etc.

Today I've dragged the trans over to the car and plugged it in, connected the battery and done the usual to read the flash and it is saying that it can't recognise the car by the vin etc and to try recovery mode.

I've tried recovery mode to no avail. It is saying that a module is missing or doesnt have power.

I've cleaned the trans plug, unplugged and replugged the pcm, tried a different battery, double checked cable drivers, checked fuses with no luck.

I've thing I've noticed is that occasionally the dash will do a sweep and mostly it won't. Sometimes the rpm will sweep to 7k and the speed will only sweep to 35kph. Also the fuel gauge will occasionally sit in different spots but mostly sit where it should.

The only things that have changed since it last worked are obviously the vehicle has sat unused for several years and also quite obviously PCMTec has progressed a number of versions.

Anyhow hopefully there's enough info for some ideas and thanks in advance for any replies.

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