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  1. I can't read the fault codes. Video here >> Anyone know how I can do this? I have done it in the past???
  2. Here is an example of what the logs look like at WOT. This was through forscan, over a year before I purchased pcmtec. Temperature was 10 degrees out.
  3. These are my fuel injectors. They are short and black. I didn't remove the fuel rail. If they cannot be identified then I will. Are the pics okay?
  4. Thanks for ever ones comments so far. This is my setup -stock engine, stock FPR - herrod cold air intake with stock crossover pipe - GTX3582R compressor wheel, 0.7 Compressor cover - 1000cc injectors - 12 psi actuator - Walbro 460 fuel pump - 4.5” downpipe, 3.5” exhaust At idle fuel pressure is 65psi. I purchased pcmtec to learn how to optimise my setup and learn to tune myself. I am going to purchase an adjustable fuel pressure regulator >> https://plazmaman.com/product/gfb-fx-s-fuel-pressure-regulator-ford-falcon-direct-replacement/ Is there any feedback on this item?
  5. The 65psi is flat across the board with the stock fuel pressure regulator in place. I don't see any fuel pressure spike on the gauge.
  6. Hi Roland. Okay, I should have mentioned idle base pressure is 65psi, fuel pump is walbro 460 ( I didnt remove it to confirm).
  7. Thanks for everyone's comments on here. All modifications done to the car were through ****. I did not do any mechanical work or tuning. I thought the fuel injectors were Injector Dynamic 1000cc fuel injectors. I can add some logs on here. I will take some time to find and attach.
  8. Hi Finnigan, thanks for the comments,. Stock fuel pressure regulator, stock/Garrett 12lb wastegate spring, 20 psi of boost
  9. Okay thanks mate. I was just curious about the tune. The car goes hard otherwise.
  10. It was tuned through ****. It was originally tuned with STC x3. Wideband matches the base fuel table under light POT. WOT I haven't tried yet. kris_ford_pcm_tcm_tune v1.2 - traction_control + stall - 2 abuse.tecwastegate duty cycle table I had a look at. I didn't change it. Tune uploaded
  11. Hi, I am new to pcmtec. I have been looking at my PCM tune provided with the car. its running a gtx3582r and 1000cc injectors, ford fg, stock motor. 390rwkw. I can monitor air/fuel ratios. Boost is targeted to dropoff after 4500 rpms. I thought with a turbo car, boost would be kept to the same until redline? maybe its a strategy to save the gearbox. My spark table looks the same as stock (via pcmtec compare function) but the fuel table (auF0172) has been changed. Can anyone provide advice on this? Anything I can change?
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