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What wideband sensor to purchase?

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Hi everyone, I have had PCMtec for a few years now and it's time so start logging. So what wideband to purchase?

I have a Innovate MTX-L and have gone through 3 sensors. They would last 1-2 months and then not read correcly eventually resulting in a E2 error. The bung is about 60-90cm from the turbo and I was carefull not to heat the sensor (Leave on ignition On) before starting the car.

I was looking at https://www.14point7.com/

What else is everyone else using?


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It's important how you power the sensor. I use the AEM OBDII version with the optional 5V output connected to a DLP-IO8 so PCMTEC can read it. I have 2 of these, 1 on a VF and the other on a FG. Each car has been running the same sensor for years without issues. I did go through a couple of sensors way back at the start but I worked out why...

Never start the car with a heated up sensor! 100% guaranteed to kill them. Wire the gauge from ignition power, not accessory. Don't sit with KOEO. Just get in and start the car. Only time you'd start the car with a heated up sensor is for start-up fuelling tuning, but this will reduce the life of the sensor.

I've always wanted to give these guys a try:

About Us | 14Point7

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Thankyou Sir, I wired it up so it would start when Ignition was on not accessory as you say. Okay, looks like I buy one from 14point7 as see what happens. I was always mindfull of heating the sensor without the engine running.



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