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  1. It’s also an integral part of the start/run sequence procedure so if the ECU can’t physically see it connected it will not start/ switch off on run if disconnected
  2. How much fuel did you have in the tank at the start of this two hour trip vs the end ? what is significant about fuel density vs temperature ? what does ford allow for in this regard with a standard calibration ?
  3. Hey Roland & Team Great job on the scanner, What’s the chances ( unsure if it’s easy enough or not ) to have an option to have the colour/theme/layouts selectable to mimic HPT or SCT Advantage for people/workshops proficient in either of those to utilise a familiar display ? Not to say the 80’s colour selection isn’t good nostalgic but it’s crazy “Busy” to the eyes haha Probably more to the point can or has anyone worked their PCMtec layout to reflect as such ?
  4. it’s a reasonable effort Nathan and you’ve got a pretty quick bus indeed now ! I was going to post it on the turbo forum but here is as good as any and something you would be able to pre determine before a result... if you see a result, it’s damage done ( Potentially ) 14* on 98 with 23psi is pretty hectic but... but depending on the build, compression and a huge array of other factors ( that can always change ) it might be right. Knock detection will be screaming way before this and or any scanner KR activity as calibrated Knock detection does wonderful things for your eye
  5. It’s Funny because i still don’t social media, still don’t think I’m missing anything hahaha You must be a fly on the wall today as i did clean the underside of a FGX XR8 5.0S/C before i fitted a new exhaust... OCD...something something
  6. Sometimes ? LoL never, i hear he’s a total butt stick O.P ..... Buy a stand alone Knock detection device, Hire a Dyno, Report back That’s the answer
  7. Yeh nar Mk2 onwards has Driveline protection which PCMtech has mapped, not all Strategies have it But it’s there and this is what you’re actually seeing and not limited too F6 variants Have multiple FG F6 Mk2’s and FGX customers who love 4th gear ZF action Jus sayn
  8. If you get stuck i can help you out Princess
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