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  1. A8RG is the teartag. 8R29-14C204-ARG is the PCM strategy. HAEDGR2 is also another name for the PCM strategy but its the same thing. 8R29-7J105-CH is the ZF strategy that is suited to 8R29-14C204-ARG.
  2. The only way to be sure of the correct strategy for this vehicle is to look at the drivers door jam and identify the TEARTAG from the label.
  3. Agreed. But the point I am disputing is that the software does not complete the reset and it does. Period.
  4. Nothing I say will change your mind as you are basing your statement on opinion and not on data. For those that are listening, this function of the software is operational and the software developers are to be commended for it.
  5. Is the expectation resetting the KAM will provide smooth operation of the transmission shifts? Because that is not the intention. Again, The Keep Alive Memory is reset using this feature of the software but I think peoples expectation of what the KAM does is misunderstood. The drive cycle is intended to be carried out after the KAM reset in order for the reset figures to learn new parameters following a repair. Naturally the transmission operation following the KAM reset will be erratic, hence the drive cycle.
  6. Do you have any data to support this claim? As I have raw data that indicates the KAM (Keep Alive Memory) is cleared using this function. Not opinion.
  7. Given you have not changed any hardware within the transmission e.g. Clutch's, solenoids etc. Little to no observable change will be noticeable. This does not mean they have not been reset. The Adaptive learn on these transmissions is not how the transmission operates. It uses these maps to allow for differences in hardware. If your Transmission's hardware components are within specification, no noticeable change should be evident when resetting the adaptive learn however, if the Transmission has had a fault repaired, resetting the adaptive tables will aid the transmission operatio
  8. Not issues but may experience different shift characteristics. The point of clearing the Adaptive is to allow the TCM to "Adapt" to any mechanical changes made during a rebuild.
  9. Roland is correct in his explanation of how the adaptive learn operates and the software resets the adaptive in more recent versions of the software. Since that post the adaptive reset has been added to the software as an option (Pictured above)
  10. The option to reset the Adaptive is available within the software and does do just that. The box simply needs to be ticked when the ZF is flashed.
  11. You should have no faults and completing an adaptive drive cycle will not clear a fault. If the vehicle is registering a fault (Which it clearly is) there is a fault that requires attention and no level of driving will repair a fault, in fact driving the car may cause further damage.
  12. Yes. Use the OBD reader to read to the DTC's being logged. The DTC's being logged will provide a direction for diagnosis. Alternatively, go to professional and have the vehicle diagnosed and repaired.
  13. What codes are being logged? Only with that information can you begin to diagnose the fault.
  14. https://forum.pcmtec.com/topic/203-conversions/?do=findComment&comment=2261
  15. Ford's IDS software cannot reset the adaptive tables in the ZF. Whoever is saying it can is misleading and is misinformed.
  16. Whiteford

    Hey guys

    Completely different electronics. The 6R80 has an external TCM where as the ZF 6HP21/26 has an internal Mechatronics unit (TCM/Valve Body combination). Additionally the Territory Diesels PCM is a completely different hardware to the Barra Visteon PCM.
  17. Replacing the ABS module will not solve the concern. The CCC (Central Car Configuration) Block needs to be modified. I have just helped complete this conversion on an FGX EcoLPI ute and know it is possible. https://www.facebook.com/WhitefordTech
  18. Another beautiful and useful tool for conversions is the VID editor. We will use a Differential swap as the example. If you come across a vehicle that has had a differential changed from 2.73 to 3.73, here are the parameters that will need to be changed to ensure the transmission operates correctly and speedo accuracy. The speedometer can be over 20kmh out when changing the differential ratio if these parameters are not changed. First you will need to change AUF0394 to the correct ratio. Second is within the VID Block Editing itself, here you will find the Axle Ratio. This
  19. The question I guess you want answered directly is can you install a manual strategy into your PCM. Honestly, the only way to find out is to try. Some hardware is compatible with both Automatic and Manual Strategies, some are not. I am not aware of a “Master list” of hardware compatibility but I would definitely be keen for one!
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