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boost pressure sensor


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what is the purpose of the boost pressure sensor in the intercooler pipe? pre throttle body (fg falcon on the 90 deg bend just at the throttle body)

im getting intermittent boost surge under load (not reaching boost target) as well as intermittent boost spiking (overshooting to 25psi, commanding 18psi) since fitting an aftermarket boost pressure sensor when the original one failed.

there is a scaler to disable the boost pressure sensor if need be, but just wanted to check how important this sensor is as the manifold already has a map sensor

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2 hours ago, richardpalinkas said:

Ok. My car is tuned in open loop anyways so it should be all ok to disable then without causing other issues with drivability?

Depends if you are utilising under boost to run 100% duty below the boost threshold (they do from factory). If so and you don't tune the waste gate DC to do the same you'll add lag. 

The same is true if you are hitting overboost to stop boost spikes. If you disable it you might have massive overboost causing knock etc. 

The fact you are getting already getting random overboost suggests you have an issue and overboost/underboost is kicking in (eg you are running too much boost for the internal wastegate etc). Though it could possibly be a faulty boost sensor. Have you datalogged boost pressure Manifold pressure to see if they match?

Either way I would highly recommend investigating the actual root cause of the boost control issues and fixing that instead. 

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Yea I’m pretty confident in that the boost sensor is faulty as I am getting a boost pressure sensor correlation fault code since replacing the sensor with a pat version. 

reason I am wondering about the need for the sensor is that if it’s only useful for closed loop boost control, which mine is already tuned for, I would like to eliminate the sensor so that I can eliminate the throttle body elbow and blow off valve port and just have a silicone 90 deg bend from throttle body to intercooler pipe instead of the factory plastic pipe. 

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7 minutes ago, JETURBO said:

It’s also an integral part of the start/run sequence procedure so if the ECU can’t physically see it connected it will not start/ switch off on run if disconnected 

If the switch is disabled then the vehicle runs when its disconnected. I learnt that when I disconnected it due to causing throttle opening on cruising speeds, so I had to disable it so I could still drive the car. Was very annoying driving as if your stalling up everywhere you stopped

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