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Fuel tables


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Carl, that is correct and this is the table to alter. It is the way Ford does it.

The other table of interest (again throttle angle) is the Open loop throttle transition table. This table says when to change from closed loop fuel control to open loop fuel control based on throttle position.This table will need altering on a turbo car with modifications as it is easy to achieve 10psi of boost on very low throttle and without altering this table the vehicle will still be doing closed loop fuel control (rich lean cycle).


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Correct the table is TPS vs RPM not Load vs RPM like you would see in non speed density tunes. If your injectors are scaled correctly and the speed density is setup correctly it should be as trivial as setting the AFR you want in that first table and it will hit it regardless of load, eg if you ran 10psi or 20psi at full throttle, you should see the commanded lambda in the TPS table the same as what you measure with your wideband.

If you wanted different AFRs at different load points you can fudge it using these tables, this will throw out your commanded lamdba vs actual lambda though which could have side effects in other parts of the tune.


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