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Car wigging out under boost


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Hey Guys,

Currently chasing an issue with my car. I have an na+t but got a bluetooth rod in cylinder 6 last week and have since put a bf gas motor in retaining all the na accessories. (It was just a gas long block). Since doing so everytime the car sees around 5 psi the abs light flashes the transmission slips and the speedo stops working and doesnt recovery unless cycling the car. It was doing before and the na motor was seeing up to 15 psi (averaged 12) and was doing absolutely fine until rod went spacex. While I had the motor out i took the opertunity to install an external trans cooler. Box is na zf.

Spec List of car:

Pulsar gtx3584rs gen 2

gfb ex44 (5psi spring)

e85. walbro 460 pump. turbo fuel reg.

no forward 02 sensor as i have an aftermarket wideband installed

Turbosmart eboost 2 for boost control.

retains na map sensor.

Cheers for any help.

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2 minutes ago, Bill said:

The symptoms you're describing are very often due to plugs or coils breaking down

Sorry I just realised I made a few spelling mistakes in that. It was'nt doing it before the motor swap. I shall try another set of coils and plugs and see if its any different. Cheers

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  • 2 months later...

I can confirm its coils that do this. My turbo territory does the exact thing. I gapped the plugs to .7mm and replaced coils..Car ran perfect..And I was told it had a faulty trans, hence they sold it cheap..clearly not...



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I had an interesting scenario with my bf+t / zf conversion car this month, we fixed a boost leak and when it came up to a new higher boost level the trans would go into limp mode.

tried many tuning related things to no avail. 

one time ti took out the speedo too.

was sugested to try new genuine ford coil and plugs, as when they die they create EMI that interfeers with the CANBUS on b series fords.

Put new plugs and just generic copper plugs in and the issue went away.


interesting note the old and new coils tested the same on the ohms meter...so that makes it hard to narrow down a dead coil.

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