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Charge light is on but pcm is seeing charge ?


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Hi All , was having a lovely time driving through the Montville Hills on the weekend! When the A/f gauge started playing up again ! Just spent $150 on a new sender and thought “ Bugger it’s stuffed again , only 3 months this time !!😡😡. Then the radio turned itself off and back on ! I thought , “ that’s weird ! “ then the motor said “ YEAH , Nah Bro! “ and quit ! No charge light or warning ! 
So called Racq , which they confirmed that the alternator was shagged like we suspected . So got them to tow it back to a friends house on the coast and bought a alternator and did a “ Drag week special “ in the car park . To change out the original 374000 k alternator. Also damaged the radiator getting the fan assembly out ( which I’ve pulled  many times before without stuffing the radiator!) with lovely green coolant squirting out onto the ground ! Said to my wife that we are now stuffed !! However being a Territory,  repco had a spare and 20 mins to close on a Sunday. And we are 4 hours from home ! 

long story short , changed out the alternator and radiator. Tested both , thumbs up it was charging , checked via a multimeter and no leaks and drove home . 
 However, the charge light is now on all the time . I hooked up the lab top and the pcm is seeing the charge but still sending a charge light !!

Question , is the charge light sent from the pcm or is it analog from the two pin wires plugged into the alternator?

if the charge light is from the pcm , is the switch now inverted being a new alternator? If so can someone be so kind to point me in the right direction please? 

Also fuel economy was excellent with the o2 offset doing its thing and now pedal Ad count is right on when it comes on boost at partial throttle now ! Just need the multi tune and anitlag when I get time to stuff with ! Gearbox is going excellent with the new tune shifting harder . Also a little annoying , just for street driving. With the wife complaining a little and me explaining.” If you want that Btr to live , we will have to put up with it !”

Anyway any help with the original charge light Question would be greatly appreciated? 
regards Plumbs ! 



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Yeah nah but you can soften the trans up for normal driving. It doesn't need to shift hard while normal driving to live.

Maybe it's got something to do with smart charging and maybe you have the wrong alternator? I'm just guessing here so yerp, maybe someone else knows whats up. I'd tell you if I could.

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Make sure you replaced the alternator with a smart alternator if it was originally one and vice versa if not. If you installed a smart alternator in a BA then you can apparently tie the LIN line (or maybe some other line?) to ground and it will function as a non smart alternator. The opposite is not true I don't believe.

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