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Brakes come on under Load


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I am very new to PCM Tech.

Had a incorrect gear ratio code as donor car for my bf turbo wagon had done a change of paramaters. I changed the diff ratio from 3.45  back to 2.73 for the 6 speed auto as i put a ute 2.73 diff back in the wagon. (Issue has been here all the time)
Issue i get is when under partial and full load usually around 60-80kph it feels like my abs is kicking in. If i accelerate harder it will stop doing for a bit but will eventually come back. Its as if wheels are detecting an abnormality in speed or it thinks its breaking traction and throwing on select brakes as needed.
I had a axle mismatch code until i changed the ratio back but still have same issue. Dont know if anyone has had this issue before, was going to do a datalog on it tomorrow on the way to work but its been pooring rain so dont know if itll be accurate. 

Hoping someone has had a similar issue before as im totally lost right now 😢


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I've had something similar on 2 different Falcons.

One had dirty rear abs sensors. Absolutely covered in years and years of brake dust and god knows what else grime that was semi conductive. It would only do it around 80km/h and taking left hand bends at moderate speed. Removed and cleaned sensors and cleaned the tone rings. Never missed a beat after that.

The other occasion was an un-noticed slow rear tyre leak. The pressure difference side to side got out by about +10psi before the stability control would start pulsing the brakes randomly... 

Might help, might not. Just some easy stuff for you to check before getting into the deep end. 


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1 hour ago, BeerTurbo said:

its been a hot miniute, but if you fire up forscan and select the abs module for data log you can real time view all the abs sensors.

if you driving straight i would suspect they should all be dead close, maybe look there.

I believe this one's been sorted. The brakes weren't coming on. It had other issues

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