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AEM Serial wideband logging

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Almost. PCMTEC checks if there is a real DLP attached first. Then it pings each serial port in order of device connection to find which serial port the DLP is on.  

The 2nd part is easy to homebrew (which is what I've done) but the first part needs a real DLP connected (which is what I'm doing) or some DLL shim Irish magic that is above the level of knowledge that I have.


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On 7/18/2022 at 6:38 PM, hjtrbo said:

I've got something that might help. Its tacky and nasty. Do you own a DLP and a decent USB to serial adaptor? Also need a trial version of Virtual Serial Port Driver.

get com0com, unrestricted virtual serial ports

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I wanted to follow up with that tacky little program. You need to set up a virtual serial port pair before using. Still in development state, to be honest I forgot all about it, but wanting to work on it a bit more. Can't even remember how to set it up with the virtual com ports; I need to set up the test bench again.

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Making the most of nothing else to do and really starting to kick this thing in the guts. Have pulled cables, stopped and started in weird places, closed com ports externally and other weird stuff to try and crash it. I reckon I've caught most or maybe all of the bugs in it now. Hoping to have this version finished shortly which will be uploaded to github.

Caveats: You need a DLP plugged in. Requires virtual com port software e.g Eltima Virtual Serial Port Driver. Project is still in test bench stage.


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First release, please report any bugs via pm.

Caveats: This program is not for everyone, there is a bit of mucking around required.

  • Must have a virtual com port pair set up. comm0comm does not work. I'm using Eltima Virtual Serial Port Driver
  • Must have decent USB to serial adaptor for your wideband
  • Must have a real DLP-IO8 plugged in to your machine

Sometimes PCMTEC won't pick up my driver and instead connects to the physical DLP. It's an easy fix, unplug the DLP, wait 5 seconds and plug back in.

Currently set up for AEM wideband running in Lambda mode, but any wideband that outputs a simple text stream will work too. There is a settings menu where you can change the serial port settings and scaling to suit your wideband. Dual wideband support for the V8 guys.

AEM datasheet snippet:



Serial to PCMtec_v0.6.zip

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