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power loss boost issue ( trans Truncation issue? ) help!

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hey guys I'm having a issue with a Ba turbo iv been looking at it seems as it cuts out around the 195ks. the boost falls to 0. afr stays good. here is a log and a photo of the dyno run.

normal light load seems to not be a problem but as soon as the run starts (70km) it goes into torque source - trans torque truncation 

iv tried disabling module switch for tests, disabled traction control, put in all different settings to remove the trans truncation function tried with abs- without abs, boost through ecu- disabled boost through ecu and just wastegate pressure!

open to any suggestions or opinions if anyone has seen this before!!

cheers jake

desktop datalog.teclogimage.jpeg.386f5ae65808361fa81a902b58105659.jpegba xr6 read trans trunk PM Log 2 .teclog as this one is really playing funny buggers

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Have you tried adjusting the trans max tourqe, 


I had similar issue when i put a built box in and set the trans setting back to stock, i chased my tail for ages new coils plugs new actutator. But later worked out was in the tune. 


I had help from someone else and its now fixed 😁

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Reduce the boost and see if it goes away. Then you know if its a torque/overboost issue.

The fact you are seeing transmission torque truncation as the torque source pretty much tells you the issue.

Check for DTC codes using forscan as well, it could be another issue like bad VSS signal etc causing your grief.

edit: Your OSS and VSS are both 0. Is this a conversion car? This is definitely your problem. Is it a manual or an auto? Get the speed source/OSS sorted and your problem will be resolved.

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