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VID block disabled


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Hello team,

When I have VID block enabled, the DSC and Abs light up. So I suspected the strategy aligns with certain ABS calibration/ responses with the PCM/TCM.

This worked with FGX sprint, FG F6 OS on a FG XR6T MK2, along with F6X OS and TCM strategy on territory turbo.

Disabling the ViD block scalars, does affect anything to the tune?







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When the VID block is disabled it uses the values here. It doesn't really matter whether you use the VID block or not, as long as the settings are correct. VID block just changes the source of where the data comes from.

Eg when it is disabled it uses the following settings instead (there are some others and they could probably be organised a bit better). I recommend using the VID block only because its all nicely laid out in one place.

image.png.d87396cc9fde4676956f7d838af89079.png image.png.0d9b666ad086a98940931f8e6034da59.png



FYI FGX the 'VID' block is in the cluster, so you can't change it.

The only benefit to disabling the VID block and using the PCM overrides is you can set the maximum speed above 255kph. If the VID block is enabled you may max out your dyno run due to speed cut for a high revving v8.

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