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Tubosmart ew50 with pcmtec


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3 hours ago, niceracing said:

Can pcmtec run the new tubosmart electronic wastegates?

They require an external controller which is fairly complex, the external controllers likely need current boost pressure, desired boost and many other signals to be tuned successfully. I don't think they would accept a straight PWM input which is all the factory computer outputs.

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Guys it is an electronic wastegate controller, not a boost controller. The black box still needs a programmable electronic boost controller to control it, so it can in turn drive the electronic wastegate.

It supports a PWM input so can be used with a Falcon, however the boost control will still need to be set up to run the driver properly. Due to the linear and nearly instant response of an electronic wastegate, the boost control strategy in the pcm will look very different than normal.

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On 10/31/2022 at 1:05 PM, Roland@pcmtec said:

If you set auF16504 and auF0298 it will lock the desired boost and wastegate duty cycle at the values entered under all circumstances. Great for testing a wastegate. Make sure you don't leave it enabled!


Do this with the wastegate not fitted to the car so you can see what it's going to do. You could trial it on the car if you preferred, however you need to know that the gate is going to do what you're expecting. The black box is programmable so you would want to set it up to work with the pcm ouput before any on car tuning.

While slowly adding to the duty sounds like a good idea, until we have data that shows otherwise, that approach only holds true for traditional boost referenced wastegates. You can't assume that the same approach will work straight out of the box with an egate and black box controller. Once you know the egate is being predictable then you would start with the boost tuning as per the write-ups in the how to section, with obvious changes to account for the egate.

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No, there's no solenoids involved, the black wire is a sensor ground for the egate sensors and the blue wire is for pwm control from a egate controller/driver.

I recommend reading the manuals and data sheets for the black box and egate, so you can properly understand what the parts are and how they work.



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