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dyno run with ZF


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I had dyno run last week (1st time using the dyno myself lol) and we could not run 4th gear from low RPM because it kept kicking back to 2nd gear or 3rd gear. Can you guys share any tip to run the car with ZF from manual shift 4th gear on dyno? We gained obvious power with some tweaks using PCMtec but the run could only see from 3000rpm on ward. That means we could not calibrate boost properly from 2000-2900rpm range!

We did try 3rd gear run and same thing happened. We have to massage the throttle under 3000rpm, so the boost control under 3k can not be monitored on dyno. Please share the tip as I plan to go back to dyno next year for Flex tune. Greatly appreciate for your information.

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I do find it a bit odd that people don't know how the kickdown switch works but oh well. I guess none of us know everything.


As per the reply above, when the pedal is just touching the kickdown switch the car is at full throttle. There is no need to push further as the throttle is already wide open and the only thing that will happen is the car will kick down a gear or 2.

You can make a pull from 1500rpm this way providing you are in manual mode.


Example: Select manual mode, apply 20% throttle or so and click the shifter until you are in 4th, push pedal until just touching the kickdown switch, note on scanner that the throttle is wide open (80 odd degrees or whatever), make your run.

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