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BF na xr6 with fg intake hardware hitting ETC error


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Hi guys, I recently finnished installing an fg intake manifold, throttle body, fuel rain and injectors into my bf mk2 na xr6. I got an fg stratergy and compared it to my current one. I coppied over almost all of the fg data relating to drive by wire, injectors, dashpot and anything with map or maf. I also copied over a bunch of other stuff that seemed relevant. The car runs and drives well under high load. My issue happens when I am driving in traffic very slowly and need to sit on the pedal at very low load (around 5-15% throttle). The car throws an ETC error and becomes undriveable. At first I thought it was a problem with my bf to fg throttle body wiring adapter, but I ruled this out because if I turn the car off and on, the error goes away and the car drives as expected. I'm not experienced with datalogging so im not sure what parameters to log. I am wondering if it has something to do with the MAF sensor. If so, can I disable this by changing the values in the screenshot? If so, what are level values and what do the numbers mean?

I'll be taking the car to my tuner to get the speed density and other power gain related parameters done later this week. I'm trying to get as much of the basic stuff done now to save him time since he is hiring out the dyno and has limited time on it. 


Other than speed density, vct, fuel and spark, what else would be recommended to make the most of the new intake system?



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3 hours ago, Roland@pcmtec said:

Look at the IPC tables. There is a plausibility checker based on airflow vs throttle opening. Likely it is the throttle body change that is the root cause. 

Also there is no MAF sensor on these cars. 

Thanks. I've had a look at all the IPC related parameters in the compare file. These are the only 2 which came up with a search.


These are all the ones different when I look under IPC category. Should i make all of them the same on my car?


I found if i make auf2437 the same on my bf as the fg, the car wont start. 


I had a look for the parameter you mentioned. I'm not sure which one it is. Would it be any of these?:





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