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Can PMCtec control Nitrous

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Just like the title stated.  I have a nitrous kit that I want to install on 2018 Gt.  Just wondering if PCMtec has gotten further in the ecu to begin nitrous controls.  If not, can this be something we can get into?  




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with the multi tune you could set up a spark and fueling map for NOS

im not sure if there is a spare output to activate the nos tho, if it were a barra id try and use the butterfly solaniod to do it as its rpm dependant


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You could repurpose the IMRC output and then use the IMRC adders to adjust spark/fuel for nitrous. This would involve removing the IMRC however. This is commonly done on the Australian Falcons as they remove the IMRC with the turbo vehicles.

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I’ve pondered the things that could be activated/controlled with the active exhaust outputs (assuming you’re not using active exhaust). You wouldn’t have spark or fuel control, but having a multi-tune slot for that would be easy. 

Even if you had to pipe the exhaust control outputs into an Arduino or something to translate the signals into something useful, it could be used to do some creative stuff, like control nitrous. 

Just thinking out loud. 

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